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Wake up and live dorothea brande impossible to fail act impossible years ago strangest secret grow rich old school think and grow great book law of attraction writing style power of positive earl nightingale positive thinking every day self help books highly recommend book is written worth readingwake up and live by dorothea brande first published in 1936 table of contents introduction chapter 1 why do we fail chapter 2 the will to fail chapter 3 victims of the will to fail chapter 4 the rewards of failure chapter 5 righting the direction chapter 6 the system in operation chapter 7 warnings and qualificationsthree decades after first seeing a poster of this movie in the encyclopedic book about movie comedians the funsters in the bio of patsy kelly and a few years ago after i found out this particular film was on youtube i finally got to watch wake up and livea followup to brandes 1934 classic becoming a writer 1936s wake up and live is a more general though concise self help book it advocates a positive change in ones attitudeact as if it were impossible to failand aims to teach how to discipline and train ones mind and imagination in order to combat humans inherent will to diefailwake up and live is a 1937 fox musical film directed by sidney lanfield and starring walter winchell ben bernie and alice faye produced by darryl f zanuck the film was based upon the self help bestseller by dorothea brande

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